Welcome to The Schuylkill County Fair

July 28th through August 2nd, 2014
Contact us:
The Schuylkill County Fair,
P.O. Box 222
Summit Station, PA 17979
Phone during Fair week -(570) 754-FAIR,
For general information call - 570-739-2627
FAX- (866)483-7010
Our Major event is the annual Fair. However, the Schuylkill County Fairgrounds has a lot to offer.
Nature trails are open year round.

The Schuylkill County Fair Board is working hard to provide high quality entertainment, excellent displays and a showplace for Schuylkill County Agricultural products, crafts, and art.  We hope you will join us in 2014.
(866) 483-7010
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Treasure the Memories of Our Roots
July 28 – August 2, 2014
Rooted in the Community for 31 years
Thank You
The 30th Schuylkill County Fair is history.  We dreamed it and we built it.  You were asked to help us “Harvest the Dream.”  We the board of Directors of the Schuylkill County Fair would like to thank you for coming and supporting this Agri-tourism event.  As a Fair Board we have attempted to marry Pennsylvania and Schuylkill County number 1 and number 2 industries together for a 6 day event.  Agriculture is our heritage along with tourism which brings commerce.  We then produce Agricultural Commerce. 
The Schuylkill County Fair Board of Directors would like to extend heartfelt thanks to three facets of the community which make the Schuylkill County Fair possible.  First we need to recognize the many volunteers that make the Schuylkill County Fair possible.   Thank you are extended to the volunteers that set up exhibits, operations volunteers , clean up volunteers, volunteers operating shows, volunteers operating activities, volunteers operating the track, and volunteers in the FARM Food Stand,   Without the valuable asset of volunteers the Fair would simply not happen. 
Secondly, the Schuylkill County Fair Board of Directors would like to thank all the business that donates in kind support to the Fair.  Without valuable support from the community the electricity and lights would not shine on the Fair, garbage would pile up, refrigeration wouldn’t cool, grounds would not be drive able, and water would not flow.   Generally speaking the environment would not be presentable to the public without your support.
Third, the Schuylkill County Fair Board of Directors would like to thank individuals, business and government for their financial support that allows all of who attend the Fair to be entertained, engaged, and educated.  Thank you for your financial support of the entertainment on four venues, at the pulling track, in the Ag Arena, under tents and pavilions, and education throughout the fairgrounds.  Your financial support is stretched throughout the entire operation. 
The Schuylkill County Fair extends warmest thanks to all of the above mentioned individuals, and business for their spirit of volunteering, providing in kind donations and financial support to the Fair.  Without your support there would not be a Fair in Schuylkill County.  Please help to keep the “Dream” alive as we move forward into our 31st year as a Fair.
The Schuylkill County Fair Board