Schuylkill County Fair Supports Youth

Kallie Wolfe, Pine Grove FFA displaying her market steer for sale with the Schuylkill County Fair Online Auction found at  starting July 24 @ 5 PM and ending @ 6 PM July 30.

Schuylkill County Fair is holding an Online Youth Livestock Sale starting Friday, July 24 @ 5 PM and running through Thursday, July 30 till 6 PM. Support local 4-H/FFA youth that have been caught up in this Covid-19 crisis. Register as a perspective buyer by going online to Interested buyers can support 4-H/FFA members and their projects as well as securing a quality meat product for themselves and their family. Support the agriculture community that will put food on the table tomorrow.

Kelsey Otto, Pine Grove FFA displaying her market hog for sale with the Schuylkill County Fair Online Auction found at  starting July 24 @ 5 PM and ending @ 6 PM July 30.

These 4-H/FFA members have been raising some of these livestock projects long before the Covid-19 virus struck our country. The members and their projects were caught up in all the fallout from the pandemic. Over the last few months, the world has dealt with many issues connected to the Covid-19 virus and this is just another issue. The issue evolved when on June 10 Schuylkill County Fair cancelled their Fair for 2020. It was done with a heavy heart after long hours and numerous discussions as how to operate a Fair under the numerous restrictions placed upon it by the Federal and State Government. The state of Pennsylvania determined what their response to the pandemic by disseminating mandates and regulations to their residents as they saw fit. The Fair takes year-round planning, weeks of grounds preparation and support from dozens of partner organizations, business, and agencies. With all these regulations set forth the Fair felt it necessary to cancel. Since 4-H/FFA works collaboratively with the Fair and with the mandates and regulations currently set forth by Penn State, the Schuylkill County 4-H program also announced the cancellation of 4-H Fair/round-up this summer. The Fair experience is part of the overall 4-H/FFA educational experience. The Schuylkill County Fair Online Auction is an opportunity to showcase the 4-H/FFA members’ dedication, hard work, and perseverance during this trying time.

The Schuylkill County Fair is committed to the youth that support the Fair. The Fair started by thinking outside of the box and put into motion the ideas of doing an Online Auction. Something never done before by the Fair. The live livestock auction, on the Thursday evening of the operating hours of the Fair, was the norm. By making contact with Robert Derfler Auctioneer of Pine Grove the pieces to making this Online Auction started to fall into place and become a reality. Robert Derfler has been the live auctioneer at the Schuylkill County Fair going back many, many years. He was the logical choice to help make the Online Auction happen. The idea was proposed and Robert Derfler said he could make it happen. Auctions have been going online since Covid-19 became apparent. This is the only way auctioneers saved their business. So with a lot of thought, planning and a little manipulation of the system the Online Auction came to fruition. The Fair then extended the program to the 4-H/FFA members as an option to assist them with their livestock market projects.

Now it is up to the public to support the youth. They need to go online and sign up as a perspective buyer at and start to follow the links by clicking on “Online Bidding Here.” Perspective buyers have the option to buy the animal for personal use, or just like in a live auction, let the animal go to the livestock markets and pay for the value of the animal over market price. If a buyer wishes to have the animal processed and cannot secure such services, Mease Meats of Pine Grove, will accept the animal for processing and can be reached at 570.527.5101. Anyone may support the youth by signing up online to purchase in the comfort and safety of their home. Even if you have you have never participated in the past 36 live auctions of the Fair. Individuals as well as business may wish to show their support for the youth of today who will become tomorrow’s leaders. All contributions are tax deductible since the Schuylkill County Fair operates under its umbrella organization of the Foundation for Agriculture and Resource Management (FARM) 501c3. Support the Agriculture youth of today and secure your food for tomorrow.

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