Schuylkill County Fair Awards Two Scholarships

The Schuylkill County Fair, SCF along with its parent organization the Foundation for Agriculture and Resource Management, FARM is proud to announce that they will be awarding two FARM Scholarships for 2020. Although the SCF was not held this year because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Fair and FARM Boards would continue the tradition of awarding the FARM Scholarships to worthy candidates.

Congratulations to Faith Shiffer, one of the two recipients of the Schuylkill County Fair/FARM Scholarship.  Faith is a Pine Grove native and is in her senior year at Keystone College studying accounting.

The Scholarships are normally announced at the 4-H and FFA Livestock Sale held on Thursday evening of the Fair. This was not possible because of the fair being concerned for the safety of all participants, so the fair was cancelled. So instead of a live livestock auction, a Youth Online Auction was held by the Fair with the help of Robert Derfler, Auctioneer. Robert Derfler has been the Fair’s live auctioneer for many, many years and was the logical choice to help the youth that raised animals for the Fair to assist in selling them. With no open forum to announce the winners, the SCF/FARM is announcing the winners of the scholarship through the media.

The recipients for this year’s FARM Scholarship are Stefani Strouse of Auburn and Faith Shiffer of Pine Grove. Stefani Strouse will be a sophomore this fall at Penn State as an education major. Faith Shiffer is an accounting major in her senior year at Keystone College.

Congratulations to Stefani Strouse of Auburn as one of the two recipients of the Schuylkill County Fair/FARM Scholarship.  Stefani is in her sophomore year at Penn State in Schuylkill Haven as an education major.

The FARM Scholarship is awarded to individuals who have graduated from accredited high school or vocational school. The recipient mush have completed one year in an accredited two year educational or vocational institution or at least one year, but no more than three years in a four year institution. Scholarships are open to any individual that has shown a Dairy animal, Livestock Breeding Animal or Market Animal in the 4-H/FFA Shows at the Schuylkill County Fair any time after 1982. An individual can receive the award only one time. All Scholarships are paid directly to the school of higher learning. Awards are based on Schuylkill County Fair participation and volunteerism, academics, financial need, 4-H or FFA involvement and community service as determined from the application and letters of support. Awards are based on merit and do not discriminate on basis of sex, race, nationality or religious belief. The Schuylkill County Fair places great value in volunteer activities associated with the Fair. This an opportunity to document volunteer activities and describe how those experiences have benefited the scholarship recipient.

Funding for the FARM Scholarship is provided by the interest gained off money that was entrusted with the Schuylkill Area Community Foundation. The Schuylkill Area Community Foundation has been managing the funds for over 30 years. Over the course of time amount of funds available has grown form initial scholarships of $500.00 to the amount of $2,000 per recipient this year.

A committee of six individuals associated with the Schuylkill County Fair selected these two fine candidates as their choice for this year’s scholarship. The FARM/SCF Boards wish Faith Shiffer and Stefani Strouse all the best as they pursue careers in their chosen vocation. It is also the hope of the SCF/FARM that these individuals will not forget the support they had in obtaining these chosen careers by volunteering time with the FARM/SCF organizations in the future.

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