Fair Royalty in Unprecedented Ending

A Year In Review

Presented by Madeline Schuettler during the July monthly meeting for the Schuylkill County Fair.

Fair Queen Madeline Schuettler

Today marks the “official” end of the 2019 Schuylkill County Fair Royalty’s reign. If everything was “normal” tonight we would be crowing our successors on the first night of the fair. It feels unbelievable that this time last year we were crowned under the bright lights of the stage and embarked on our amazing journey. We’ve had a wonder year filled with new experiences, endless opportunities, community service, and of course agriculture. We were able to spend our year promoting Schuylkill County, the Schuylkill County Fair, and the agricultural industry that we love. Not only did we have the privilege of teaching people of all ages about our county’s biggest and most important industry, we ourselves were also able to grow in our knowledge of agriculture.

Shortly after we were crowned, the three of us collectively set a goal to attend 100 events throughout our reign. This past year we have been guests at numerous farms, fairs, banquets, and community events. We have gotten to travel to and see every part of Schuylkill County. When COVID hit we didn’t let it slow us down, instead we found different and unique ways to continue our reach. I’m proud to say that we are finishing our “official” reign with having attended 101 events. This is the most amount of events one of our fair’s royalty courts has ever completed.

At the competition last year, I had shared my personal goal of using the title of Schuylkill County Fair Queen as a platform to get agriculture back into classrooms across our county. I am proud to say that over the course of my reign as Queen I’ve done just that, by visiting many of our local school districts.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the 2019 Schuylkill County Fair Royalty including the Schuylkill County Fair Board, our sponsors, our royalty coordinators, our royalty families both present and past, past royalty, event organizers, our community, our fair family, Schuylkill County officials, all the kind and generous people we have met along the way, and of course our local farmers.

I am so lucky to have had the privilege of gaining two new sisters and families through this experience. We have all grown so close throughout this journey. Kassidy and Madison are the best royalty sisters I could have wished for. I love them to pieces! Here is what they have to say about their reign thus far:

2019 Schuylkill County Fair Princess Kassidy Balulis


“My year as Princess was definitely unforgettable! With all the events we attended, I made new friends and found some new hobbies to keep me busy, but the best part of it all was having the honor to promote the fair and agriculture to our community. I made 2 new sisters in the process and was made apart of 2 new families as well, who were all very accepting and supportive! My favorite part of my year was getting to gain knowledge about agriculture. Not only is it a massive part of our community, but it is one of the most interesting topics I’ve gotten to learn about. From all of the farm tours we did to picking our own fruits and vegetables, it was a great learning experience. We got to travel to other fairs and meet many other groups of royalty who have became life long friends of ours. Thank you to everyone who made our year amazing, busy, action packed, and fun! I’m so grateful for everything!”

2019 Schuylkill County Fair Little Miss Madison Purcell

Little Miss Madison Purcell

“The past year as Little Miss has been amazing. We did so many great events, I can’t pick just one as my favorite. Some of my highlights are going to our local farms and seeing how they grow fruits and vegetables seeing how farms raise animals to produce food. I’m glad I got to go to other fairs to see them and meet the other royalty. If I had to pick 1 memory as my favorite I would say our fair week. From giving speeches to being crowned getting to reign over the fair for the week was so much fun. I enjoyed helping to judge events and being on stage. This has been such a great experience. I am very thankful I was chosen to represent our fair, the Schuylkill County Fair county fair. Thank you your Little Miss, Madison.”

So what is in store for our royalty program now that the 2020 Schuylkill County Fair has been cancelled? The answer to this question has been in the works for the past few months. The decision has been made not to have a royalty contest in 2020.

Like so many, my heart was saddened when I found out that there would be no fair and now no royalty contest this year. However, I am excited to announce that my court and I have been presented with the unique opportunity to serve as the reigning Schuylkill County Fair Royalty until July of 2021 where we will be crowning the 2021 Schuylkill County Fair Royalty. This decision was made to ensure that the current fair royalty court along with the next fair royalty court would have both fair and equal opportunities as past royalty.

We will be taking a break from in person activities from now until April. We will then have the chance to attend the community events we had missed this past spring due to COVID and to promote the 2021 Schuylkill County Fair. During the meantime, past Schuylkill County Fair Royalty have been invited to post content on our Facebook page. Watch our page in the upcoming months to see some familiar faces and creative videos such as story times, farm tours, and “where are they now” updates. We are excited to have some of our past royalty sisters back to help keep the page active!

It has been both a blessing and honor to reign as Schuylkill County Fair Royalty this past year. Although saddened with the COVID related circumstances, my court and I could not be more thankful to continue to represent and promote our beloved Schuylkill County Fair, community, and local agriculture/agritourism here. We can’t wait to see what this next year holds! See you in the spring!

Madeline Schuettler
2019 Schuylkill County Fair Queen

*Thank you Ruby Laine Photography for the beautiful pictures!

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