Kids’ Activities Abound at the Schuylkill County Fair


Slip into a “Cold One” at the Schuylkill County Fair. A really cold frozen t-Shirt. Tuesday, August 1.

Wouldn’t it great to be a kid again?  The kid’s area activities abound at the 2017 Schuylkill County Fair.  There is the frozen T-shirt contest where you see who can put the frozen T-shirt on first.  A cupcake challenge where kids get a cup cake and are to decorate it using the fair theme.  These are some of the many engaging and energizing kid’s contests to be found in and around the Kids Tent for 2017.    Visit the Kids Tent for times and location of this contest.

Speaking of the Kids Tent it will be open daily and operated by The Arts Barn Education Center daily from 4:30 to 7:30 and 12- to 7:30 on Kids Day as well as from 1 to 5 Pm on Saturday.  Stop by to make and take crafts focused around agriculture and nature.  The Arts Barn educators are sure to have a number of fun crafts for kids of all ages.  The crafts are easy, hands on and fun for all to take home to remember the good time at the fair.

On Tuesday, August 1, which is Kids Day, there are numerous contests to choose from.  Contests to participate in are ones like the Jell-O slurping starting at 12 Noon.   The frozen T-shirt is to follow the Jell-O slurping.  Slow down on that full stomach by covering it up with an unrolled frozen T-shirt.  While you are chilled why not participate in the ice cream eating contest.    Let your creative side out with the Cupcake Decorating Challenge at 1:30.  Watch out for the pie in your face with the pie eating contest at 2 PM.   Hop over to see the bunny hopping demonstration in the Ag Arena or you might just want to wash that pie down with the milk chugging contest.  Watch the Tractor Parade go by with Kids Cartoon as the theme. Rejuvenate those leg muscles for the Pedal Tractor Pull run by the Agriculture Museum.    All of these contests and more on Kids Day, Tuesday, August 1 are some of the many activities to involve kids.

Wednesday, August 2nd brings more kids activities this time with the adults who are kids at heart.  The adult round includes milk chugging followed by pie eating contest.  See the fair web site daily schedule for details on line at

Friday evening, August 4th at 6PM brings out the kid in all of us with the Hay Bale Toss Contest.    Toss the hay bale with all your might.    The bale tossed the furthest in each class is determined the winner.  Haven’t used up all your energy then how about getting in line with the country line dancers under the direction of DJ Chicken Nugget.   The 4-H Programs are sponsoring the country line dancing with DJ Chicken Nugget.

Saturday of Fair week starts at 1PM with the rides provided by Goodtimes Amusement Company.  A Pocket pet contest is scheduled for 2PM.  Bring your family’s small pet to the grounds and have it compete for prizes.  A penny and candy scramble finish the week for kid’s contests.

For more information about the Schuylkill County Fair visit the fair’s web site at   Schuylkill County Fair is where the country scene make blue ribbon dreams come true.

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