Four Times the Award


Some of the many members of the Blue Mt. 4-H Livestock Club are all smiles as they received recognition for being named the Outstanding 4-H Club of the Year in Schuylkill County. They were recognized for this award at the recently held 4-H County Achievement Night. The club also received the 4-H Clover Award for their community service project which was the development of Native Pollinator Garden at the Schuylkill County Fairgrounds.

For a fourth year in a row the Blue Mt. 4-H Livestock Club was the recipient of the Outstanding 4-H Club Award.  The 35 or more active club members are supervised by club leaders Kim Morgan and Jill Felty.  The members range in age from 8 to 18.  Besides having an interest in livestock, members all live along the Blue Mountain.  Having no affiliation with any one school district, the members are students in school from Pine Grove, Pottsville, Schuylkill Haven, Blue Mountain and Tamaqua and Tulpehockin.

The purpose of the award is to recognize a club with outstanding achievements over the past year in helping youth in their community to grow and develop as good family members, citizen’s and future leaders.  The club was assessed for how many members were enrolled in the club, the percentage that competed at round-up at a 100%.  Member were also assessed for participation in county, regional, state and national events.  Some of the events that club members participated in include Super 4-H’er Day, Round Up, 4-H Camp Shehaqua, PA State Farm Show, Capital Days, PSU Spring Judging Contest, Penn State Pre-Vet Symposium, PSU Livestock Camp, PSU Livestock judging, and Ag Science conferences.

The club was also the recipient of the 4-H Clover Award.  As all 4-H clubs must complete a yearly community service project, the club moved forward more aggressively with a project of developing a Native Pollinator Garden at the Schuylkill County Fairgrounds.  The purpose of the garden was to show the general public how a native pollinator garden can developed in anyone’s backyard.  Through this project the club members gained an understanding of the significance of why all should be providing a healthy environment for native pollinators in order for all of to have a sustainable future.  All of us are dependent on pollinators as one in four bites of food an individual consumes is directly related to what pollinators do to sustain our food chain.  The club submitted this community service project for review and was awarded the Clover Award for this garden project.

Have an interest in learning by doing?  Want to become more active in the community?  Looking for opportunities?   Have an interest in animals?  The 4-H junior livestock program might be for you.   The junior livestock program is a unique opportunity to use live animals to help youth develop.  Youth learn something about agriculture and livestock production and develop an appreciation for the livestock industry.  However the main objectives are to teach life skills and help youth become productive citizens. The experience of youth owning and working with animals, being responsible for their care, health and growth and exhibiting them in a competitive environment is a tremendous character building process.  If your interest is peaked then consider the 4-H Program.  Contact information for the 4-H program in Schuylkill County can be made through 4-H Youth Development, Schuylkill County, Penn State Extension, 1202 Ag Center Drive, Pottsville, Pa 17901.  570-622-4225X19 or email   If you are interested in the Blue Mt. 4-H Livestock Club call 570-739-2627 or email

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