The Votes Are In!


Winning logo, “Growing Things” and font, “Ravie”.

The votes are in and have been counted!

What are you talking about? The primaries are not until the end of April!

We are not talking about the presidential election, but about the votes casted for the 2016 Schuylkill County Fair imagery. During the month of February, we asked the general public to weigh in on which image the Fair should use to best represent this year’s theme. Using our Facebook and Twitter accounts to drive people to our website, the public was asked to select from five different image designs and to choose which font style they thought would best compliment the image and message.

By a slim margin, the logo entitled “Growing Things” was selected. It is a simple four leaf plant growing out of rich, dark soil. Understated in style, this design makes a big statement. Finishing a close second was  “Play, Learn and Grow . . . Together.”  Our voters also elected “Ravie” to display this year’s theme which proudly announces that “We have good things growing.”

The “Growing Things” logo will be featured in 2016 to promote Pennsylvania’s statewide fair theme and will accompany the Fair’s iconic “Farmer Boy” logo on numerous publications to come as the Fair continues to “Grow ” this year’s fair which will be held August 1st though the 6th.

We certainly have good things growing at the 33rd annual Schuylkill County Fair.

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