Shadle Nature Center Features & Displays


Porcupine Pat

Stroll through the shade of the trees at the Schuylkill County Fairgrounds during fair week which is August 1 – 6, to the James S. Shadle Nature Center.  Enjoy a change of pace during a busy fair day as you step inside the Nature Center and view many of the new exhibits featuring plants, animals, geology and natural history of the area.  Operating hours for the Nature Center are Monday through Friday 5 to 7:30, Tuesday 1 to 2:30 and Saturday 4 to 7:30.  Speak with Porcupine Pat about the latest environmental issues and their impact on the area.

The Nature Center will be set up with a number of interactive nature learning stations.  The Nature Center has “good things growing” from nature.    The nature stations are based upon the basic elements of the earth needed to “grow good things.”  That being the sun, water, soil, and air.  Therefore the nature stations envelopes these elements.     The overall concept is designed around a station titled “Cycles of the Earth Bracelet”  the earth can be broken down into different cycles like the water cycle, soil cycle, sun cycle.  The “cycles of the Earth Bracelet” activity encompasses the whole scope.  Edible Soil activity addresses the elements of soil.  Sun Visor helps you keep the sun out of your eyes and address the value of the sun.  The Air Pressure Station shows the presence of air.  And “Water Cycle Bracelet” stations how the earth re-hydrates itself.  These nature center stations are a great way to understand why we need to keep a close watch and provide a helping hand with our environment.

Admission is free to the Shadle Nature Center as part of your fair admission.  Join “Porcupine Pat” of the Schuylkill Conservation District during the Schuylkill County Fair, August 1 – 6, 2016.

For more information contact “Porcupine Pat” at 570.622.4124 x 113 or

Schuylkill County Fair runs August 1 – 6 where “We have good things growing.”  33 years and growing better with each year.  For more information about the Fair visit the fair web site at or follow us on twitter and like us on Facebook.

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