Schuylkill County Fair Premium Book Now Available

premium book cover

2016 Schuylkill County Premium Book Cover

Fair premium books will be arriving in the area shortly.  New this year is that the premium books will not be mailed to people who exhibited in previous fairs as it is no longer feasible to mail premium books to exhibitors. Being that we live in the technological age, the premium book can be found online at the fairs web site which is .   When on the fair web page look under the information tab and find exhibits where you can open up a PDF copy of this year’s fair premium book.

So are you wondering what this premium book is because you have never exhibited in the fair?    A premium book is a publication where all the entry classes are listed under departments.  What are classes and departments?  Classes are a listing of items by category that may be entered in the fair.  For example, say that you have a really great photo of the landscape of some part of Schuylkill County and would like to enter it into the fair to be judged for its quality as well as to be seen by others.  So you open up the premium book on line at  and find Dept. 19, Arts and Crafts, and start looking down the list of classes.  Stop when you find 19/1/13 if it is a black and white photo of a landscape or look further to 19/1/22 for a color landscape.  Place those numbers on the general entry form that you have printed from the premium book on line found near the end of the PDF file.  Mail the entry form into the address on the form and bring your landscape photo to the fairgrounds on August 30th between the hours of 11AM and 3 PM.  There is a very large variety of classes located in the premium book for almost anything that can be made, grown, raised or collected.  There are listings of classes for fruit, vegetable, flowers, needle crafts, food, wine, grain and arts and crafts and even tractors.  There is sure to be a class for your interest.

If you would like hard copy of this year’s 2016 Schuylkill County Fair premium book then you might want to look for the book as they have been placed throughout the county.    Places to find the premium books are local restaurants, banks, business, feed stores, doctor and dentist offices, post offices, grocery stores and public events.  The fair was looking to place the books in establishments that had foot traffic for easy pick up.

The books are fresh off the presses,. the Reading Eagle presses.   The premium book is very un-assuming printed on light gray newspaper.  The cover announces the fair as being August 1 through August 6, 2016.  The theme for this year’s fair is “We have good things growing” and an image of the chosen logo, by the general public, for this year’s fair of a plant growing in dark rich soil decorates the cover.  There is the traditional Schuylkill County Fair Logo along with our website, twitter and Facebook accounts.

Check out all the new exhibits, activities, contests and entertainment lined up for this year fair in premium book.    So pick up your fair book locally and come to the Schuylkill County August 1 through August 6 because “We have good things growing”.  There is a valuable page inside the premium book to be used to help support the fair in its annual fundraiser at Hoss’s Steak and Sea House in Cressona on June 16, 2016.  Please come out to support the fair and present the page to the server to help support the fair that day.

If you are interested in exhibiting at the fair and can’t get a hold of a premium book or have difficulty getting to it on line, then request a premium book to be sent to you. You may do this by calling  570-527-0294 or email

For the very latest on the fair go on line at  , like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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