Chad Reinert to Perform


Chad Reinert opening act for Little Texas at the Schuylkill County Fair Friday, August 5 at 7 PM.

Chad Reinert will be the opening act on Friday evening August 5 at the Schuylkill County Fair.   Chad will take the M&T stage at 7PM to perform for you some of your country favorites.

Chad is a local talent from just down the road to where the fairgrounds are located.  Chad has been honing his talent in music since the age of 5 when he started to teach himself how to play guitar.  As he advanced in age, he found himself playing his guitar while his dad sang at church.  In his early teenage years, Chad started taking piano lessons, but had a hard time reading the music and playing at the same time.   He stopped taking lessons with the piano teacher when he sat down one day and started playing hymns by ear in church.  Chad’s musical talent lends itself to his ability to play drums, bass, steel guitar, banjo and mandolin.

Chad refused to sing along with his instrumental abilities until one day in 2011 when he surprised everyone including himself and sang in church.  Chad moved forward with his singing ability and recorded his first album, “I Know A Man Who Can.”  Two songs from that album charted.

Chad turned to Nashville in 2014 to record an album called “The Payoff.”  The song titles “As Country As it Gets” which he wrote and produced topping the charts in early 2015 at # 8.

Returning to Nashville in early spring of 2015 he completed year another album called, “Keeping it Country.”  This would be the fourth album he recorded at the studio he originated at, but his time, midway through the session, when owner offered to sell Chad the studio.  This was an offer that he couldn’t possibly reuse.   Fulfilling his dream, he said “yes” and in April 2015, Chad became the proud owner of Toneslinger Recording Studio at Music Valley Village, Nashville across form the Grand Old Opry. He not only performs, but now helps others to get their start in the music business by giving them guidance, and even as much as being a session player playing rhythm and or lead guitar.

In the fall of 2015, Chad landed his 1st No.1 hit with “Don’t take Her (she’s All I Got),” holding the #1 spot for two weeks.

In March of 2016 Chad went back into the studio to record is latest project.  An album dedicated to some of his influences.  The Album includes numerous duet featuring some of Nashville’s biggest legends such as Daryl Singletay, T. Graham Brown, Marty Haggard, Tommy Cash, Highway 101’s Nikki Nelson his friend and mentor Ronnie McDowell.

His current tour has included many theaters, carnivals and county fairs throughout the nation as well as numerous guest performances at the Nashville Night Life Theater right in the heart of music city, Nashville.

In April of 2016 Chad released a cover of Adele’s “Someone Like You,” to country radio across the world and is currently climbing the charts.

Come out to hear Chad Reinert perform on the M&T Stage, Friday evening August 5 during the Schuylkill County Fair.  For more information about Chad and the Schuylkill County Fair which runs August 1 – 6 where “We have good things growing.”  33 years and growing better with each year.  For more information about the Fair visit the fair web site at or follow us on twitter and like us on Facebook.

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