The Third Times the Charm

When it comes to winning publishing accolades, Bill Knecht of South Schuylkill Printing and Publishing is to be found in the winner circle. He has won first place three times for his publishing of the Schuylkill County Fair Guide. That is like being in the winner’s circle as a Triple Crown winner. His most recent win came in January with the 2014 Schuylkill County Fair “Treasure the Memories of Our Roots” Guide. Bill’s Schuylkill County Fair Guide won in the Non-Premium Tabloid category of the Communication Competition at the 2015 Pennsylvania State Association of County Fairs. Bill Knecht and the South Schuylkill Printing and Publishing have placed with their tabloid a total of four times in the past eight years. This year being the third first place finish and one other second place finish just last year.

South Schuylkill Printing and Publishing have been publishing the Schuylkill County Fair Guide for years. Bill publishes around 12,000 a year just prior to the Fair. The guides are distributed in with the Call and other circulations a week prior to the Fair and the remainder is distributed by Fair members to locations around the county. The guides are also distributed the first few days of the Fair to Fair goers.

The guide contains valuable information about the Fair. Within the Guide there are stories about what is happening at the Fair. A site plan is included so Fair goers can find their way around the Fairgrounds. Photo from the Fair’s previous years are included in the Guide. The center page of the Guide is a schedule of what’s happening, where to find what’s happening, and at what time it will be going off. There is other valuable center page schedule information like web sites, phone numbers and GPS directions. All of the valuable information relating to the Schuylkill County Fair is crafted in a pleasing layout inter dispersed with ads from local businesses that support the Fair.

South Schuylkill Printing and Publishing has been in business for 125 years. The Knecht family has been involved in the paper as a family owned printing and publishing business.

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