Serve to Set-Up

Romans 12

Sprucing up the main stage are, from left, Mikala Weikel, Tabitha Housel and Hannah Kostick.

Romans 12 Service Camp is working hard helping to set up the Schuylkill County Fairgrounds. Romans 12 is currently in session all week long from July 19 through the 26. So what is Romans 12 and how are they helping to better the lives of people in Schuylkill County you ask? Romans 12 is a teen Christian Service Camp. Teens who have finished grade 7 and have a heart willing to serve are encouraged to join. This year the group has met their maximum enrollment of 50 teens serving the community. They are camping out at Christmas Pines Campground in Auburn. They do this through the generosity of the Lowthert family. As the Lowthert family sees to the needs of this group, Romans 12 is serving the needs for many here in Schuylkill County at over 21 sites. They mainly do small projects mostly targeting the elderly in the county. They have served the area for eight years. The fair has been one of their many service areas for all eight years. At the Fair the outdoor stage risers are getting a fresh coat of paint and the indoor stage will also. The rabbit pens and display needs are be constructed by the group. The Shadle Nature Center where Porcupine Pat will be doing interactive activities with fair goers daily along with the Weston Pavilion where Peggy Hentz of the Red Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation Center will be speaking on amphibians daily is being spit and polished for next week’s Schuylkill County Fair.

Why does a group of teens serve you ask? They serve because in the book of Romans in the New Testament of the Bible, Chapter 12 is often called the service chapter. In the opening verse of Romans Chapter 12 it tells us to “be a living sacrifice.” It is about living out your Faith in the community and serves in Jesus name.

The Fair is very thankful for the service these young teens provide for without their help many of the projects at the Fair would not get done. For more information on the Fair and Romans 12 visit the fair web site at

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