Play Ag Detective at the Fair

Have you ever wondered where milk comes from? How important bees are to us and food that we have to eat. Also, about the decline of honey bees and why we need to be concerned. What is the only apple native to North America? Discover all of this and more when you become an Ag Detective. This unique program let’s young and old alike learn about Schuylkill County #1 industry – Agriculture in a fun, engaging way. Placed throughout the fairgrounds are stations where the answers may be found. This is a great way to experience the 2015 Schuylkill County Fair. This interactive program is for all to enjoyment.

Fair goers will have the opportunity to investigate 20 stations set up throughout the fairgrounds. An Ag Detective may start their investigation by stopping by the “Farming for a Day” tent to pick up his official Ag Detective badge to proudly display on himself and working papers. Then it is off to investigate the stations. As Schuylkill County Fair Detectives will have the opportunity to investigate 4-H, Alpacas, Ag Museum, apples, bees, where milk comes from, corn, chickens, goats, horses, rabbits, sheep, steers, learn the difference between straw and hay, what is America’s national flower, parts to a quilt, how many clusters of grapes it takes to produce a glass of wine, what a grain is, and when FFA was found are all part of the contest.

At the end of the investigation the Ag Detective will turn in his/her paper work to the Fair Office to redeem a prize for all their hard work. This program is open to all, but only youth under 18 are eligible for a prize.

The fun with the Ag Detective doesn’t end there. There are for there are four more parts to the program with the expansion this year. The Ag detective also comes in a clue format. A participant still used the stations around the fairgrounds, but this time the clues are more deeply hidden in the stations. In the dairy barn and cattle barns there is another Ag Detective Activity called “Cattleville” is where participants search the poster for by products of the cattle industry. The third Ag detective activity added this year is found in the Horse Barn. Here measurement and converting the “hand” into feet are done to determine how many “hands” as well as feet tall a horse or pony stands. Turning in any of this paper work to the Fair Office allows participants to be eligible for prizes. Speaking of paper work turned in, exhibitors can find Ag Detective Activity Stations placed around the fairgrounds where they can do a make and take type of learning at each station. For more information about the Schuylkill County Fair, July 27 through August 1 visit our website at Like us on Facebook and Twitter.

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