Kids’ Activities Abound at the Fair

milk chugging contest

Kids compete in a milk chugging contest.

pedal tractor pull

Kids compete in a pedal tractor pulling contest.

Kids’ area activities abound at the 2015 Schuylkill County Fair! Many new contests were created for this year’s Fair. One such contest is the “Catapult,” in which contestants will make a catapult designed to launch mini marshmallows out of popsicle sticks, rubber bands and a spoon. In the “Tower of Power” contest, teams will create a tower out of rolled newspaper and tape. Participants will attempt to create the tallest free standing tower. The tallest tower wins the competition. Another new activity will be our “Frozen T-shirt Contest,” (sponsored by Mystic Screen Printing and Embroidery) where participants will have to come up with a creative way to thaw their shirt (provided by the Fair courtesy of Mystic Screen Printing). The first one to unroll and wear their shirt wins!

Don’t be a sack of potatoes! Empty a sack of potatoes and jump on in to participate in a “Sack Race.” Contestants in the “Toilet Paper Toss” will see who can roll out the longest length of paper without breaking it. These are just a few of the many new, engaging, and energizing kid’s contests to be found in and around the Kids Tent in 2015. Visit the Kids Tent for times and locations of these and other contests.

On Kids Day, Tuesday, July 28th, there are numerous contests to participate in. One popular event returning to this year’s lineup is the “Jell-O Eating Contest” which starts at 12 Noon. At 12:30, give your belly a break and participate in the “Frozen T-shirt Contest.” Is your stomach ready for round 2? Then sit right down and try your hand at the “Ice Cream Eating Contest” at 1 PM. Need to warm up? Soak in the sun and let your creative side out with the “Cupcake Decorating Challenge” at 1:30 PM while you watch the tractor parade go by.  Tuesday’s parade theme is “Kid’s Cartoons.”

What would a fair be without a “Pie Eating Contest?” Don’t worry….we will help you wash all of that pie down with the  “Milk Chugging Contest“at 4 PM.

Feeling rejuvenated? Pedal that energy off at 5:30 PM in the “Pedal Tractor Pull” run by the Agriculture Museum. Are you a budding culinary master? Enter the “Schuylkill Grown Cooking Contest” at 6 PM which includes a participation category just for kids.

Are you more interested in hands-on activities? Then the many make-and-take activities taught by 4-H Club members in the Ag Arena from 12:30 to 2:30 might be more your style. Activities include, but are not limited to: finger weaving, shrink-dinks, soy crayons, molding dryer balls, spud pistol target shooting, clover plots, pudding in a bag, horsing around, play dough in a bag and moo-glue. Get those fingers moving to squish, pour, plant, mold, squeeze and pull while enjoying these activities.

Wednesday, July 29th brings more activities for the adults who are kids at heart. Adult contests include milk chugging followed by the pie eating contest. See the Fair book for details or check it out on line at

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the Kids Tent, children 10 years of age and under may involve themselves in crafting projects. The crafts are an easy, hands-on, fun way to engage all children. The “Hay Bale Toss” on Friday evening, July 31st at 6 PM brings out the kid in all of us! Toss the hay bale with all your might! The contestant tossing the bale the furthest in each class is determined the winner. Haven’t used up all your energy? Put on your dancin’ shoes and bust a move with the country line dancers! Country line dancing is being sponsored by our 4H Programs and will be under the direction of DJ Chicken Nugget.

Saturday the festivities start at 1 PM with rides provided by Goodtime Amusement Company. The “Tower of Power” contest described earlier begins at 1 PM. The “Pocket Pet Contest” is scheduled for 2 PM. Bring your family’s small pet to the grounds and have it compete for prizes. Toss that roll of toilet paper! Catapult your mini marshmallows in the catapult contest! The “Hay Bale Toss” for younger children ages 5 through 10 will be held at 3:30 PM and will be followed by an “Egg Toss.” Hop into a feed sack for the “Sack Race!” A “Penny and Candy Scramble” finishes the week for kid’s contests.

Times for these and other contests may be found in the Schuylkill County Fair flyer. Check out the Schuylkill County Fair web site or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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