Don’t Scrap It, Just Book It

Scrap-booking is what Linda Wolfe has been doing for the Schuylkill County Fair for the last eight years. She has been collecting scraps about the Schuylkill County Fair and preserving them in albums. To her success she has won accolades for her work. Linda has placed with one second and two first places in the last eight years competing in the Communication Competition of the Pennsylvania State Association of County Fairs. Linda took home her first place ribbon and plaque for the 2015 Schuylkill County Fair Scrapbook. That is to say the Scrapbook was based upon the 2014 Schuylkill County Fair “Treasure the Memories of Our Roots” and evaluated in January at the Pennsylvania Association of County Fairs convention in Hershey.

Linda says it’s about preserving memories, special moments along with personal thoughts and sediments. She collects photos from the fair photographer, Ray Silcox, along with other fair members. Linda sorts the photos by areas of the fair like livestock, contests, exhibits and entertainment. Journaling the photos with a reparative tone is how she tells the story of the Fair for that year. Journaling is the text that describes, explains or accents the photographs on a scrapbook page. Journaling is one of the most important elements of any scrapbook. Journaling is a personal matter for Linda as she describes the events, the photographs. Hand written journaling is considered best by some scrap bookers who see handwriting as valuable for posterity.

Linda embellishes the scrapbooks with fair handouts, ticket stubs, newspaper articles and ribbons. Ideas for each page of the book come from what she is working on at the time. She looks as that she wants to place on the page and then selects the paper for the background and embellishes the pages with her circuit cartridges. Once all the pages of the book are laid out, Linda types up a table of contents and numbers all pages’ prior to assembling the scrapbook. Speaking of time working on the scrap book, Lind spends about four months working on about a page a night. That time has paid off for Linda Wolfe as she took the first place communication competition with her scrapbook for the 2015 year.

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