Ag Arena Activities Fun For Kids

tower of power

Ag Arena Activities “Tower of Power” with, from left, Tyler Noecker, Collin Felty and Bennet Keller.

On Tuesday, July 28 from 12:30-2:30 PM in the Ag Arena (livestock show ring) of the Schuylkill County Fair there will be a Fun, Food and Fiber Kids activities for all to enjoy. The Ag Arena Activities will be set up with multiple interactive stations.

Participants can get their “Milkstache” on. That is to have their photo take with a milk mustache and a dairy calf for a nominal donation of a dollar. Fun can be had with a “meet and greet” 4-H livestock animals up close and personal without any “gates” between the animal and you. Fiber art will be another station where participants can make wool dryer ball. The wool is tightly fisted together into a ball and placed in a nylon stocking. Participants take home three of these wool balls in the nylon to be washed and put into the dryer. After taking the balls out of the nylon, all moms can use the balls regularly in the dryer instead of using dryer sheets. The clothing will dry with no static build. Some people say that the clothes in the dryer with the dryer balls actually take less time to dry and clothing comes out looking nicer. Use your magic fingers or the sleight of hand to weave yourself a scarf or sash with yarn. Create a child’s toy that simulates the way a tractor works on the principal of the fly wheel with weights and rubber bands.

Mold a soy crayon for your next art project. Shrink down your art work into a shrink dink into a charm for a charm pin. Play with play clay from baking soda and cornstarch and sculpture your next project into three dimensions. Wrap a wash cloth into a boo, boo bunny. After you are done, all you will need is a boo, boo and an ice cube to make you all better. Combine cornstarch and some moo glue to make some Gak. Create a batch of Play dough in a plastic bag. Plant a food plot for the wild life with clovers in an egg carton shaped like a 4-H clover. Then walk over in the Fruit Vegetable Building make some pudding in a bag with the Schuylkill County Dairy Princess and her court. Nibble on some Holstein cookies and wash it down with a refreshing frosty orange banana sipper. So come to the Fair on Kids Day, July 28th and participate in the Ag Arena Activities along with all the many other special activities planned for Kids Day at the Fair.

If you missed Tuesday fun then bring the whole family on Saturday, August 1. Saturday is “Family Fun Day,” so bring the whole family for an all day events, some of which are the Ag Arena Activities. Work as a family unit to build the tallest tower of power using rolled up newspaper. Paper you say then how about you toss toilet paper in the Toilet Paper Toss contest. See how far you can send it rolling without a tear. Participate in the Feed Sack Race. Bring in your families pet that just might fight in your pocket for the the Pocket Pet Contest. Catapult marshmallows at each other. Toss a bale of hay. Roll an egg in a relay. Don’t forget the penny and candy scramble in fresh sawdust. So bring the whole family and learn more about agriculture while doing many of the hands on activities on Saturday, August 1. For more information about the Schuylkill County Fair, July 28 through August 2 visit our website at Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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